• 1How do we create true value for Consumer & Merchants ?
  • 2How do we unlock great promise of digital commerce for consumers?
  • 3How we drive mobile commerce and mobile payment adoption... get consumers to use it 10 times a day, instead of 2 time of a month

We have to simplify the experience

  • Why should the consumer know what NFC means,
  • Why QR codes cannot be read by all scanners
  • Why all merchants don’t accept all credit cards,
  • Why Pin-Debit is a preferred tender-type,
  • Why techies think BlackBerrys are more secure

We have to let the application lead the transaction 

Plastic metaphor is build on a “disjointed experience”…you decide what you want to buy, goods or service, and then decide how you want to pay recreating a digital replica of the leather wallet on the cell phone largely promotes the same disjointed experience digital commerce - mobile or otherwise - will thrive only when the application leads the transaction, or in other words, we have a ‘seamless experience’

And then we have to bring all the application that matters to the consumer!

The consumer needs to get on the subway, buy coffee(and gum), get the newspaper, pay into the office pool, order lunch, pay the guy who paid for lunch, get groceries, pickup the great deal at the shoe shop on the way home, take the kids to the dentists(or worst, the ER!), pay taxes(Why?), pay bills find parking, pay for parking, pay for the speeding ticket securely transacting 20 times a day versus 2 times a month! with all the intelligence, in the phone and the cloud, and everything in-between, why do we still have to keep giving to the applications rather than the applications coming to us